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Experience Timeless Craftsmanship 

I often hear the phrase "they don't build homes the way they used to".

Well maybe that's true. Today we can build something a little better using

engineered wood products and advanced methods of dealing with water proofing, weather proofing, fire and life safety issues. 

Today, our homes are built with superior craftsmanship using modern engineering and quality materials that provide sturdy and energy efficient homes for a lifetime of comfort and security. 

WCB Sign on Palmers Grove.jpg
Investment in Longevity


Our goal is to imprint quality, warmth and lasting craftsmanship with the mindset of each home to remain in the family for generations to come. 

Residential Impact


As long time residents of Hillsborough our goal is to support and uplift the community by providing quality homes to its residents using local businesses, 

subcontractors and materials.

Woods Custom Builders recently adopted Palmer's Grove Church Road

 to further invest and encourage pride among its members.

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